Meet the BCCSA board

We are the Belgian Chamber of Commerce.
Our purpuse? Supporting Belgian excellence in Southern Africa.

The members of the Johannesburg board

Diego de Radigues


Diego de Radigues is the owner and director at Bakali/Ne-Ne Solutions for the last 6 years. It is a Johannesburg-based company that manufactures rice and corn snacks and is active in the wider Southern Africa. Diego studied Administration and Management at UCL (Belgium). Afterwards, he accomplished a Master in Tax in Leuven (KUL). He started his career as a Tax consultant for Ernst & Young and KPMG in different cities such as Brussels, London and Luxembourg. He started his African adventure in 2010, in Zambia. He then moved to Johannesburg with his family.

Walter Van Mol

Vice President & Treasurer

Walter Van Mol is an industrial engineer in electro-mechanics, South African resident since July 1982 and is owner of Van Mol Entreprises, Metalworks and Electric Fence CC. He was RT87 Chairman and has been part of the BCCSA committee since 2012. Besides this, Walter is also committed to several other organisations: member of the Midrand CPF sector, an active BW participant, vice chair of the PPRA and member of SAHGCA.

Claudine Vandenabeele


Claudine Vandenabeele has been living in South Africa for 9 years. Since 2013, she is the Trade and Investment Advisor for AWEX (Wallonia Brussels trade Commission). They provide market intelligence and advice on doing business in South Africa for companies out of Wallonia and Brussels. Before she arrived in South Africa in 2008, Claudine was active as a senior consultant in Belgium for Food from Britain between 1996 and 2007. Claudine holds a General Business Administration and Management master from VLEKHO and a Master Degree in Commercial Engineer (ICHEC).

Arnaud de Limburg


Arnaud is the Chief Executive Officer of Avon Peaking Power and Dedisa Peaking Power. They are the first large private power generation projects in the Republic of South Africa with a combined capacity of 1,005 MW. Avon and Dedisa are owned by a consortium of Engie, legend power solution and Mitsui. He has been with Engie (GDF SUEZ) for the last 15 years and arrived in South Africa in August 2013. He has worked in several functions and accros various locations for GDF SUEZ (Brussels, Bankok, Dubai, Muscat and now Johannesburg). Arnaud studied in Belgium, Germany and the U.K. He holds a Master in Law, a postgraduate degree in International Relations from LSE (London) and completed a general management degree at CEPED (INSEAD, France).

Shaun Vorster


Shaun is partner at the audit firm MAZARS. He has been responsible for driving business development initiatives for the Johannesburg office and on a national basis. He was appointed to lead the business development team in May 2012.
Shaun is a JSE accredited audit partner and his portfolio of clients includes Public Interest Entities and Owner Managed Businesses. These have given him expertise in the medical devices, pharmaceutical and biotech industry, commercial building and construction, mining, property developers, transport and logistics. He has successfully advised clients on complex technical IFRS interpretations and implementations relating to local and international transactions.

Dr Jo Lissens


Dr Jo Lissen lives in South Africa since March 2014. He is the founder and director of FACTS! Healthcare in South Africa. FACTS! brings facts-based medical marketing expertise to the development of responsible new products and new markets in South Africa. They add value to medical development for pharma, medical devices and biotech. Before that he was co-founder of 2Prove, CEO of Bio-Plus and medical and research director for neurological business at Medtronic Europe in Switzerland. When in Belgium, Jo was a board member of FlandersBio, Federgon, VOKA Kempen and represented the medical device industry on the EBC board. He graduated as doctor in medicine in 1982 and followed a master in Business Administration program in 1985 (KUL).

Shirley Chauke


Shirley Chauke is Chief Executive Officer and Partner at Hamon SA Pty Ltd. Hamon specializes in Air Quality systems (ESP`s and Bag Filters) and Cooling Systems (Natural draft and Air Cooled Condensers) of Belgian origin established in South Africa in 1974.

She is an entrepreneur participating in other businesses and partnerships. Her working history in different capacities includes, Eskom as Customer Executive, City Power: Key Customer Executive, Technip-Coflexip: Head of Procurement and KOG Piping systems: Managing Director.

Shirley is also actively serving on the boards of NIASA (Nuclear Industry Association South Africa), PowerGen Africa, Kurvers Sourcing SA and Elukani Engineering projects.

She holds an Advance Dipl Business Management SAIM (South African Institute of Management), Project Management University of Johannesburg and an MBA from Business school Nederlands.



Inge De Vos is the new Event Manager for the Belgian Chamber. She has a commercial background and worked for more than 15 years as a pharmaceutical representative for companies such as Beiersdorf, Unilever and Pierre Fabre. She moved to South Africa because her partner Olivier Deblauwe became the General Manager for the Belgian Company Soudal.

The members of the Cape Town board

Michel de Wouters


Michel de Wouters is a Belgian film producer and director. He founded MDW Productions in Belgium in 1992, producing more than 600 commercials and about 70 documentaries, music videos and movies. The company won dozens of awards around the world.

Michel moved to Cape Town with his family in 2006 to find new challenges in films, performing arts and life.
He is the director of the International Polar Foundation in South Africa and also coordinator for missions to Antarctica. He is one of the pioneers of the Belgian Business Network team in Cape Town.

The best way to define his skills is his ability to “make things happen!”

Alexandre Tilmans

Vice President & Treasurer

Alexandre Tilmans is one of those serial entrepreneur. After ten years of managing medium to large companies in Africa ranging from IT, to Construction and Tourism, he started his own ventures.

Alexandre launched in South Africa L7 Craft Beer, a finance consulting business dedicated to advise small and medium companies and ngo called Baz'Art specialised in urban art.

When he is not out networking or at events, Alexandre travels, windsurfs or plays badminton.

Gino Adriaensen

logistics manager

Gino Adriaensen is the founder of "the Wicked Waffle" South Africa. Gino grew up in a bakery in Belgium and was a professional snowboarder in winter and worked in restaurants in summer. In 2004, he settled in Knysna, South Africa, where he started "the wicked waffle" company in 2010.

From going to local markets and delivering local restaurants he now runs "The Wicked Waffle" carbon footprint franchise, making traditional Belgian waffle machines on gas in South Africa. And having his franchisees making 100% traditional Brussels waffles. His goal is to spread his wonderful waffles market all over Southern Africa.

If you don't see Gino making or selling waffles at festivals or market, you will find him relaxing on the golf course!

Sylvie Delnatte

administration and database manager

Sylvie Delnatte has been traveling around the globe with husband and three children for 28 years and has maybe settled now in Cape Town. All these years she has been, and still is, volunteering in the community and schools as assistant teacher, social worker, Student Support Worker and English literacy assistant.

For over ten years she has been running a sole trade business as free-lance photographer in Perth, Australia. She loves nature and the outdoors in CT and makes the most of it.

Jeff Georges


Born and bred in Belgium from an Italian mother, I finished my studies in Information Technologies and Computer Science in 2007.

Curiosity pushed me to travel, work taught me to design and opportunities drove me to Cape Town that same year.

Today, I’m a web designer able to develop complex functionalities; I’m a web developer able to design tailor-made user interfaces; and I’m a project manager able to engage with and to report to the different project stakeholders of all management levels.

Dimitri Stroïnovsky

Passionate about traveling, nature and new opportunities, he decided to move to South Africa seven years ago for joining a start-up in the tourism industry. Trained as agronomist, he is always looking to be out of his confort zone and loves undertaking new challenges.

Adventurer and trail runner, he loves windsurfing and spending time with his friends. His aim is to combine his passions in his daily work & life by striving to reach his maximum potential and by being involved in different kind of projects.

Dimitri's quote can be summarized as "Getting along with others is the essence of getting ahead, success being linked with cooperation".

Claudia Mukase

I arrived in Belgium in 1991, I raised my children until they were adolescent then I started working as sales manager in a whole sale company in gourmet food. I'm in Cape Town since February 2016 with my husband and I started a company specialized in promotional textile and corporate business gifts.

My passion is traveling and sport. I like meeting new people and get involved in different community projects.

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As an independent, not-for-profit organization with headquarters in Johannesburg and Cape Town,
the BCCSA seeks to promote bilateral business relations between the Southern Africa countries and Belgium, unleash Belgian entrepreneurship, and connect like-minded professionals.

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We are the Belgian Chamber of Commerce. Our purpuse? Supporting Belgian excellence in Southern Africa.

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