21 July – Belgian National Day

published by admin on the 23, Jul, 2018

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Today Belgians all over the world will gather to celebrate the country’s independence from the Netherlands on July 21, 1831. In Belgium it is a public holiday where King Philippe and Queen Mathilde inspect the parade from the palace, while for ordinary Belgians it is a day of national pride, street festivities, and fireworks.

Locals got into the act with bottles of Stella Artois and devoured fries with mayonnaise, moules mariniere and feasted on delectable cakes. The cake made in the colours of the national flag was donated by the ICC. Leading the celebrations in Durban is honorary consul Alain Gringoire, pictured on the far right.

Apart from standard consular services, the local consulate offers French language tuition, study opportunities and promotes economic, cultural, scientific and sports tourism between the two countries.

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