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New Belgian eID with fingerprints

From Monday 21 June 2021 onwards, Belgians registered in Cape Town will have to come in person – only per appointment – to the Consulate General of Belgium in Cape Town to apply for an electronic identity card (e-ID) or Kids-ID (for children from 6 till 12 years).

This is necessary to guarantee proper identification and a similar photo (taken on site) and to take your fingerprints (from the age of 12), as is already required for a passport.

We are aware that the application for an identity card therefore requires more effort from you. But only in this way can we maintain the international recognition of the Belgian identity card (in more than 50 countries).

Good to know:

• If you already have an e-ID (or Kids-ID), then it will remain valid until the expiry date.

• Applications for a Kids-ID for children younger than 6 years can still be sent via courier to the Consulate General.

• It is not possible to request an e-ID or Kids-ID from a Consulate other than the Consulate where you are registered, as is possible for an ordinary passport.

For more information please visit our website or contact us.

Vaccination of Belgian citizens residing abroad

Belgian citizens residing abroad will, as far as possible, be vaccinated in their country of residence, as it is important for every country to vaccinate all persons living on their territory. However, as there are vaccination delays and shortages in several countries, the Belgian government offers the possibility to Belgian citizens who are unable to be vaccinated in their country of residence to be vaccinated in Belgium.

As for the procedure to follow:

  1. If you are interested to be vaccinated in Belgium, please pre-register (living under the same roof) using the following link:

Who can register? Belgian nationals over 18 years old registered at the Consulate General of Cape Town, as well as their spouse/partner of foreign nationality or the children of Belgian citizens over 18 years old who do not have the Belgian nationality but live under the same roof.

  1. On the basis of your pre-registration in the above platform, the Consulate will check that you meet the conditions (nationality/registration in the consular registers/18 years old at least) and will transmit to the competent authority for vaccination in the Brussels-Capital Region (the Joint Community Commission – CoCom) your national number and your availability.
  1. You will first receive a mail from the Consulate General confirming your pre-registration, and consequently a mail from Bruvax with a proposed date for the vaccination and an explanation of the procedure. You will be contacted in function of your intended departure time. Please be patient if you do not receive a proposed date immediately after pre-registration.
  1. Plan your stay in Belgium to allow for (i) 7 days of quarantine after your arrival, before you can come to the vaccination center (ii) the time needed for the vaccination period according to the appointments obtained via the Bruvax application (iii) 2 days after the last injection before any departure by plane;

Good to know:

  • Pre-register only if you have the firm intention to be vaccinated during this stay, for which you communicate the period. If you don’t, doses of vaccine may be lost;
  • Be aware that you will not have a choice of the vaccine you will receive; The type of vaccine will determine whether you need one or two inoculations and thus the time you will need to be in Belgium
  • From the 26th of June onwards the spouses and children of Belgian nationals but themselves not having the Belgian nationality will be able to accompany Belgian nationals to Belgium from South-Africa. But please always check before making concrete travel plans.
  • Vaccinations will be given at the military hospital of Neder-Over-Hembeek
  • Vaccination will be free of charge, and you will be required to identify yourself upon arrival at the Vaccination Center with a valid ID card or passport;


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