Helping foreign French people in distress

published by admin on the 04, Jul, 2018

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# Durban

Two young holidaymakers from France were robbed on Friday 9th February, whilst unfortunately walking in the wrong side of Durban central. They were robbed of their passports, papers, money and personal belongings.

The SA Police telephoned us on Saturday and asked us if we could help them because they spoke French. We found out that they were from France SAP brought the 2 citizens (aged 23 and 27) to us on Saturday morning. My consul Alain Gringoire immediately did not hesitate and bought them breakfast.

We decided to best harbour the 2x citizens at our consular residence, as they had nowhere to sleep.
Bedding. Food etc had to be purchased at our expense in order for this to happen.

Sunday morning, we fetched the 2x citizens and took them to breakfast, Our Belgium chamber of commerce and club president, Robert Fourny and his wife Lilliane, then fetched them and took them out for the day as they had no one to turn to. They subsequently brought them back to our consulate early Sunday evening, this they did at their own expense.

The consul then, took them to the Grey Hound depot, in order for them to catch the bus ride to Pretoria.

We thank our consul Alain and his wife for being such kind generous people to open their hearts to French citizens, which is not even their jurisdiction.

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