Sizanani Mentorship Program – Looking for mentors, internships and job opportunities for their graduates in 2021

published by the BCCSA on the 01, Feb, 2021

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The “Sizanani mentorship programme” ( launches its 2021 cycle.  Started in 2007, the programme (funded by Wallonia Brusssels International) works with “Ikusasa Lethu project”, run by St Mary’s school, which offers extra classes to 230 Grade 9 to 12 learners from the Alexandra township.

Last year, 82 mentors (professionals from various fields)  took care of 113 mentees.  They invited them to various outings and provided them with guidance.  Sizanani  also organises company visits and hosts speakers who share life skills and career information with the learners. Last year, free datas, online programmes – as well as R350,000 help to needy families – were offered to mitigate the consequences of the Covid pandemic. 31 out of the 60 matriculants of 2019 were admitted at Universities and private colleges. Students also received laptops and funding from Sizanani for a total amount of R560,000 in 2020.

Sizanani needs more mentors (our first induction is scheduled on February 20th) and companies to join the programme. Our students are also looking for in-service training and our graduates for internships. One of Sizanani graduates in engineering  is working for a Belgium company (AF Compressors), which is also a sponsor of the program.

Here is the list of graduates looking for work:

More information and contact : Valérie Hirsch – 083 750 77 25-

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