Sizanani program – Looking for internships/jobs in 2020

published by the BCCSA on the 04, Dec, 2019

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The “Sizanani mentorship programme” is looking for internships and job opportunities for their graduated students. Most students come from underprivileged backgrounds but thanks to the support of the NGO, they could pursue studies at university.

These graduates, who have completed degrees in Finance, Economics, IT, Electrical Engineering and Geography/Geology are now looking for work. It can be an internship or a work contract.

Also, if you company has old laptops to give away, about 20 university students who are part of Sizanani mentorship programme (some of them are funded by Wallonia Brussels international) are in dire need of laptops or even computers.

Sizanani is a registered NPO, BEE approved (level 1).

See herewith the list of their candidates:

For more information: contact Valérie Hirsch (083 750 7725

Watch this 3-min film about Sizanani :

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