11 December – Can a Family be a Dream Team?

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“No individual is perfect, but a family/team can be.”

Group, team, family… the one thing that all these words have in common is that they are all used to describe a number of people who co-exist or live together. How can we get the best out of our interactions and relationships with others, in order to achieve what we all seek: a harmonious and happy family life?

In December, Karen from Cape Town Accueil invites you to a seminar hosted by Luc Van der Hofstadt, sports coach and executive business coach, founder of Mentally Fit South Africa. Luc will draw parallels between a sports team and a family. What learning can we take from a sports team and apply successfully to the family circle?

Speaker: Luc Van der Hofstadt, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Business Coach and Country Director of the Mentally Fit Institute South Africa.

Luc will demonstrate, using active participation from the audience, how he coaches high level sports teams and business leaders to perform at a consistently high level.

During the seminar, he will compare the management of a sports team to that of a family using practical methods and models as well as anecdotes taken from his work with teams. These will then be applied to the family unit.

By adapting the content of his seminars to his audience all the while adopting a motivational presentation style, you will leave with new enthusiasm and inspiration and a number of practical tips to ensure your family functions optimally.
Finally, you will learn how to interact better with family members.

This is a conference about and for the family, so come as a team (i.e. with your partner) so that together you can build your very own ‘Dream Team’ at home.

Join us on Tuesday 11th December at 6.30pm

The keynote will take place at the French Primary School in Seapoint.

There will be a pay bar at your service as well as Quentin’s famous Belgian fries!

Registration is compulsory

Please contact Karen at formations.cta@gmail.com

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