19/08 Wednesday Webinar – Panel Discussion: Navigating international travel and tourism in a Covid-19 world

published by the BCCSA on the 13, Aug, 2020

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After months of uncertainty, many governments around the world are easing lockdown measures. But travel remains under a cloud of doubt and there appears to be no clear end in sight for the restrictions placed on travellers. Join us as we explore some of these questions…

When will the borders open?

What are the risks when travelling cross-border, what are the regulations now?

What can travellers expect to be the “new norm”?

What does this mean for expats returning to work or often trying to return home?

What is Duty of Care from both a traveller’s and a company’s perspective?

How quickly could immigration services adjust to new regulations? Is it as simple as “adding a new step” to the process?

How do you see the future panning out for immigrations and human mobilisation?

What are the regulations and outlook for opening of borders for South Africa?

Time will tell when travel will return to more meaningful, pre-COVID 19 levels, but for now let us explore these and so many more scenarios and questions with the panel hereunder:

Hans Kroll – Head of Business Development: IBN Immigration Solutions

Arthur Bosch – Head of Business Administration: Wings Travel Management

Carmen Hidalgo – Head of Business Development: Corporate at Wings Travel Management

Raluca Pauna – CEO: Eriscan Innovations

Date: Wednesday 19 August – 11.00 – 12.00pm

Info and registration: info@belgianchambersa.co.za or https://forms.gle /1mQgYUQu3t1g6 2Lp9

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