7 November – The LeaderShift Workshop

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From Leadership to Membership

The Leader Shift

From solo players to team players, from egocentric to company-centric.

Silos didn’t work well before, they have become impossible in the current connected world.

Today, successful organizations cultivate a collaborative culture and boost the membership mindset!

Luc will share his vision with you on the impact of the Membership Attitude on High Performing Teams and some best practices to develop sustainable high-performing teams in a Membership Culture.

Speaker: Luc Van der Hofstadt, International Keynote Speaker, Executive Business Coach and Country Director of the Mentally Fit Institute South Africa.

Free Breakfast session

Date: November 7th 2018.
Where: UCT Rugby Field Club Restaurant, The Green Mile, Rondebosch
07:30 for 08:00 – Welcome
08:00 to 09:00 – Keynote Speaking: The Leader Shift, From Leadership to Membership




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