Mountainbike Tour for Jagger Library

published by BCCSA Cape Town on the 09, Sep, 2021

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A letter from Consul General Mathias Bogart

Dear fellow Belgians, UCT friends, and sympathizers,

You all remember the devastating fire that hit the slopes of the Table Mountain at the end of April this year. The fire spread to the UCT campus and the Jagger library went up in flames, including a considerable part of the unique collections it housed. Staff and librarians of Belgian universities very much understood the pain and loss, especially in Leuven, as the library of the university of Leuven burnt down two times in the last century, in 1914 and 1940.

As a response they started a fundraising ‘Move for Cape Town’ to collect money to support the rebuilding of the Jagger library. The Belgian Consulate-General in Cape Town would like to contribute to this wonderful initiative as well and is hoping that the Belgian Community and UCT friends in and around Cape Town is eager to join us on this mission. The campaign website is (Select English language).

Together, our goal will be to mountain bike 1000km with the intention to assemble 50.000 Rand for the good cause. Three Mountain bike tours will be organized: on Sunday 19th of September, Sunday 3rd of October and Sunday 17th of October. We aim for a contribution of 500 Rand per tour per participant, but more is always welcome of course. If you can’t join us, you can always make your donation here.

Upcoming tours:

Sunday 3/10 @ Tokai Forest 

Sunday 17/10 @ Franschhoek 

Register here


I also would like to thank the Belgian Beer Company, Lotus Group, the Droom Lodge, Bicycle Gear and Sealand Gear for their support!

Looking forward to riding with you!

Mathias Bogaert – Consul General

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