Thursday 26 September – Business event – Climate Change

published by the BCCSA on the 14, Aug, 2019

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On Thursday 26 September, we hosted our business event that tackled the importance of climate change.

The topic was “Unpacking the impacts of climate change on doing business in South Africa”, in collaboration with Promethium Carbon, a multi-disciplinary team of independent and passionate carbon and climate change advisors.

Climate change is a complex phenomenon and will continue to impact various economic sectors in South Africa. In its presentation, Karien highlighted the following:
• The IPCC 1.5°C report specifically as it relates to South Africa
• The recent Moody’s analytical report on the economic impacts of climate change.

A very informative workshop which showed us that climate change is a reality and it can’t be ignored.  All companies and individuals should take the necessary measures now to mitigate it and make sure they have plans in place to change and adapt their business strategies.



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