Wednesday 26 May Wednesday Webinar – Member-to-Member offer – Forex Trading, Payments and Risk Management, with BEZTFOREX

published by the BCCSA on the 14, May, 2021

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Join our next Webinar on Wednesday 26 May, for a workshop with our member, Herman Bezuidenhout from BEZTFOREX on Foreign Exchange.

Given the volatility of the ZAR against the major other currencies, one of the biggest challenges facing importers and exporters involved in cross border currency payments, is how best to manage and mitigate the impact of volatile currency markets on their business operations, cost competitiveness and profitability.

Without a proper foreign exchange management policy and a proper risk management tool, companies are not able to control the potential adverse effects of currency movements, which can lead to increased cost and reduced market share and profits.

So join us to discover how to better manage your Forex transactions. Topics that will be addressed:
• Executing foreign exchange transactions and payments in the world of imports and exports
• Managing the currency volatility as one of the top five business risks
• Creating a currency risk framework that will reduce risk in a business
• How can importers /exporters become more competitive from a FX and payment perspective?
• Choosing a global platform that will work for importers and exporters

BeztForex will show the participants how they can get better exchange and give them access to the only available tool of its kind in South Africa to help manage foreign exchange exposures.
Beztforex can also assist companies to establish a FX risk policy and framework that will suit their needs and FX risk appetite.

Date and Venue: Wednesday 26 May @ 11h00 – MS Teams (link to be sent after registration)

Registration: or via this link.

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